About Quote Roulette

A story

Once upon a time there was a nerdy couple who liked to read books. Books that they liked to read had a lot of interesting ideas, clever quotes, and sometimes funny jokes. And every day Alex and Angela would read books and highlight their favorite passages that they found interesting, profound, witty, or useful for further research and ideation. Those highlight were accumulating somewhere on the Amazon cloud without being ever looked at again. Alex and Angela felt that they had lot of interesting ideas highlighted in all those books they read but they rarely if ever went back to read them1.

Until one day they thought that it would be interesting and useful to revisit those highlights. The problem was that they didn’t have much free time or that much drive to browse hundreds of passages. After all there were many more new books to read (or old favorites to re-read). On the other hand there was a lot of time spread through the day in small chunks for waiting for the train, riding an elevator, or standing in line for coffee. “What if” they though - “an interesting quote from a good book magically appeared on our phones when we were bored or waiting but didn’t have enough time to do anything else?”. “There must be an app for that!”.

But alas, nothing quite like what they wanted showed up on the google search. So they embarked on the quest of bringing highlights from the books stashed away in storage back to the spotlight. And here we are with the result of this journey - the random recall app.

Benefits of Quote Roulette

  • Being exposed to random and unrelated ideas can lead to more original ideas in one’s work and life. The notion of serendipity is a common occurrence throughout the history of scientific innovation.
  • Being exposed to multiple unrelated ideas can stimulate one to make creative connections and generate more creative ideas.
  • People are somewhat lazy and are unlikely to deliberately browse their kindle highlights.
  • Upon observing ourselves we notice that we are more likely to take notes or write down ideas than to review or re-visit those ideas later.
  • There could be a lot of free time in our lives. Except sometimes it is too fragmented and filled with distractions making it hard to use this time productively. Such free time could come in small chunks of waiting in line or for the bus, riding an elevator, etc.


  • See random highlight on the lock screen
  • Easily scroll through highlights using swipe
  • See a random highlight as a notification
  • Share your favorite quotes with the world.
  • Get the context by 1-click link to the source

1) We do sometimes re-visit highlights when writing or giving a presentation on a subject and need quotes or citations for our work. However this process is predicated on knowing what books are relevant for the subject and very directed, possibly narrowing down a possibility of serendipitous discovery.


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